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Second Opinions of Mammogram Reports



Is your mammogram reported to be abnormal?
Is biopsy recommended?  Surgery?
Was your prior mammogram interpreted to be normal?


Is your current mammogram reported to be normal,
but you're unsure whether to trust it?


The overwhelming medical opinion is that second opinions in mammography are very helpful!

If you want a second opinion of your breast imaging exam's report from a sterile,

impersonal, mega-medical-center that treats you like a widget in its factory, you are at the wrong site!


Mammogram Security provides simple, clear, prompt, straightforward opinions about your mammogram

reports, privately, directly to you, person-to-person, in writing and (if desired) over the telephone!

Mammogram Security is provided by a superb, accomplished Radiologist Professor.

Mammogram Security is not related to any medical school, medical center, university, clinic, hospital, or other big business.



How does it work? 


You send your breast imaging CD(s) and the report(s), and a filled-out form.

Within a couple of days, your written, summary report is sent to you.

If you wish, you will talk over the telephone with the Radiologist Professor.


It’s that simple!



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that second opinions are helpful.

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Mammogram Security will do for you.



mass ------------------------------------ magnification views of microcalcifications ---------- architectural distortion

typical, normal mammogram different breast cancer findings



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